ANZlab Innovations are based in Cameroon and working towards digital inclusions as a form of socio-economic development. They partnered with Tactical Tech to train and raise awareness on the importance of personal data management, using The Glass Room: Misinformation Edition and What the Future Wants materials.

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In the summer of 2022, ANZlab joined The Glass Room's FabLab Partnership together with 18 other FabLabs across 12 countries hosting the Misinformation Edition. Having successfully presented the exhibition at the Yaoundé International Forum on Disinformation, ANZlab further outreached the Misinformation Edition and What the Future Wants materials in local schools in Cameroon, reaching hundreds of people. Crucially, ANZlab helped pilot the new exhibitions formats and translate materials into French.

ANZlab's founder Cedric Lobe presenting the Misinformation Edition at Yaounde International Forum on Disinformation

Caption: ANZlab's founder Cedric L. presenting the Misinformation Edition at Yaoundé International Forum on Disinformation. Photo courtesy of ANZlab.

ANZlab provided valuable insight into the exhibition materials in an African context, and made suggestions on how the content could be localised so that his community could more closely relate to the examples and information. Their experience testing the resources made them aware that critical digital and media literacy education in Cameroon is uncommon and necessary.

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