Laibu Mkononi

Laibu Mkononi is Kenyan-based initiative that seeks to repurpose old devices for young people in underserved communities in Kenya, while implementing workshops focused on digital rights and well-being. In their partnership with Tactical Tech, they hosted the What the Future Wants exhibition and conducted several workshops for youth focused on raising awareness.

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Laibu Mkononi is an initiative, led by Yusuf G. an ICT officer of the Kenyan National Library Service. Laibu Mkononi partnered with Tactical Tech to bring the What the Future Wants, Data Detox Kit and Data Detox x Youth materials to young people (12-18 years old). They also trained young people as multipliers of digital privacy, safety and well-being amongst their peers. Through this process, they also worked to involve educators and relevant stakeholders in their activities, raising awareness in the larger educational community on the importance of providing rights-based digital literacy to young people, in parallel with hard digital skills.

Caption: Young people in Kenya looking at the What the Future Wants exhibition. Photo courtesy of Laibu Mkononi.

In the initial phase, a small group of young volunteers were trained to support the implementation of the activities and advise on the best ways to further engage with young people in the exhibitions and workshops. Additionally, five workshop outlines were designed based on Tactical Tech resources but adapted to the Kenyan digital landscape. The project was launched on International Literacy Day with a What the Future Wants exhibition and workshop in Nairobi with the direct participation of 200 young people and educators.

Caption: A workshop engaging young people. Photo courtesy of Laibu Mkononi.

This kicked off a series of 11 exhibitions and workshops implemented in schools, libraries and organisations in Nairobi, involving around 160 young people. In all activities, Data Detox Kits were distributed to support further reflection by participants.

In a separate partnership with the Data Detox Kit, and in order to support other educators in the region, a digital version of What the Future Wants exhibition materials along with Data Detox workshops and kits was sent to 40 librarians in Uganda so they could also start their process of bringing the exhibition to young people visiting their libraries.