How our phones have us hooked

We are becoming increasingly attached to our phones. In fact, an average smartphone user spends about 3 hours per day on their device. This visualisation illustrates the average screentime for a person, according to age. How do you compare?

As a product of the information age, smartphones promote communication and make our lives more convenient. They have quickly become an “intimate companion,” while sucking up more and more of our time. In the past, we assumed that addiction was mostly chemical, but now we know behavioural addiction is real.

Each day, people spend at least three hours on their phones. In 2019, Chinese netizens spent an average of 5.69 hours a day on their mobiles, a fivefold increase since 2017. This project aims to make people more aware of the time they spend on their phones, and encourage them to use them less.


Research and design by Szeto Yuming (Density Design)