Looking into your online lifeThe Glass Room San Francisco, 838 Market St, 10/16 - 11/3, 12-8pm daily

"Go to The Glass Room. If Black Mirror had a showroom, this would be it." - Baratunde Thurston

The Glass Room is a place to explore how technology and data are shaping our perception, experiences, and understanding of the world. The consequences of a "move fast and break things" industry are catching up with us and now we must examine what has been lost and gained along the way. As The Glass Room comes to San Francisco, it holds a mirror up to Big Tech, to reflect its impact on the world and to look for new ways forward.

"A new art and technology exhibit in downtown San Francisco mimics perfectly the ubiquitous form of so many technology stores — though not their function." - San Francisco Chronicle, The Glass Room San Francisco

"Big Tech shattered in Glass Room art exhibit" - CNET, The Glass Room San Francisco

"There’s something about seeing deleted web searches printed out in receipt form — a physical manifestation of virtual activity — that puts things in perspective." - East Bay Times, The Glass Room San Francisco

"Privacy pop-up exhibit shows people in The Glass Room shouldn't throw phones – though they may well want to.' - The Register, The Glass Room San Francisco

"...a disturbing array of well-told stories about data." - Forbes, The Glass Room New York

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The Glass Room San Francisco
838 Market St. and 4th street
Open 12-8PM Daily

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The Glass Room comes in various formats:
from large-scale exhibitions in major cities to a portable version that can be set up by anyone, anywhere in the world, in virtually any space.

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For more information on The Glass Room San Francisco, visit the home page here.

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