The Glass Room Misinformation Edition

Available in Armenian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Ukrainian. More translations coming soon!

Today we can access more information more easily than ever before. These days the information usually finds us, before we find it. And a lot of that content is created or shared by computers rather than people; for example Twitter bots, algorithms, and deep fakes.

In this exhibition we explore how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it. Learn why finding “fake news” is not as easy as it sounds, and how the term “fake news” is as much a problem as the news itself. You can dive into the world of deep fakes, which are now so realistic, they are virtually impossible to detect. You can find out how social media platforms are designed to keep us hooked and how they can be used to change our minds.

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Step into The Glass Room

The Glass Room looks like a sleek tech pop up, but as you look closer you see nothing is for sale. Instead there is a collection of art, design, and technology objects that explore data, privacy and our relationship with the technologies and platforms we use in our everyday lives.

The Glass Room exhibition is an immersive, self-learning experience that has opened in Berlin, New York, London and most recently in San Francisco, attracting over 60,000 visitors.

The Glass Room has taken several formats that are smaller like the Glass Room Plus or the Community Editions which have attracted another 200,000 visitors in the past two years.

In 2020 The Glass Room will be reaching more people than ever before with a brand new Glass Room Misinformation Edition on media literacy for libraries, schools, organisations and events across Europe in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

We will also be launching new Glass Room Community editions for organisations, events, schools and libraries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

The Data Detox Kit gives simple tip and tricks so that users can begin to take control every their privacy, security, and well being. Recently, a fourth article was added specifically for the Misinformation Edition and offers additional tips.

A contextualisation of the DDK for our younger audiences is also available in multiple languages. The Data Detox x Youth is an activity book to help young people take control of their tech. Various efforts from the Youth & Technology initiative have been made to make our content a thought-provoking experience for visitor of all ages.

219,000 Visitors

More than 219,000 people have visited the Glass Room exhibitions and Glass Room Community Editions around the world.

232 Events

The Glass Room has been hosted in 232 libraries, schools, festivals and organisations worldwide.

47 Countries

The Glass Room can be hosted virtually anywhere. Host your own exhibition and join the growing Glass Room global network.

Upcoming events around the globe

The Glass Room Community Edition at Galerija Art

12.2.2021 – 26.3.2021
Podgorica, Montenegro

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Host Your Own Glass Room

The Glass Room has been slimmed down to a smaller edition in a pop-up format so that you can also host your own Glass Room event. This portable light weight low cost version has been successfully hosted in libraries, schools, conferences, and even metro stations.

We enable our partners to host Glass Rooms all over the world in a multitude of languages. Please send an email to if you are interested in hosting your own.

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