Image credits: Boris Zharkov

Ashley Madison Angels at Work in San Francisco

If you happened to be looking for romance outside of your marriage pre-2015, the website Ashley Madison offered millions of users the chance to chat with others looking for extra-marital affairs. In 2015, all of these users had their data exposed when the site was hacked. What the hack also exposed was that many of the ‘women’ on the site turned out to be bots fabricated by the company, to account for their lack of female subscribers. Two-hundred and eleven of these bots “lived” in San Francisco and provided ‘entertainment’ to 68,935 registered users here.

!Mediengruppe Bitnik has built an avatar of one of the fembots, who was listed on the site as being active near this location: Peachmangopie923 (*1980), 555 Market St., Ecker Plaza, San Francisco 94105.

As companies increasingly employ bots to offer us digital services, our interactions are becoming more and more automated, and it may be harder to know to whom we’re talking – and maybe revealing our deepest secrets.