Image credits: Boris Zharkov

Deletion Process_Only you can see my history

Have you ever wished you could hide traces of your digital self that are left online? Deletion Process_Only you can see my history exposes artist Kyriaki Goni’s Google Search history between 2008 and 2013.

On the screen are 10,650 unfiltered terms and images that the artist searched for over a period of eight years. In this project, you can delete one term from her search history. At the same time, the computer is randomly choosing and deleting items from the browser history. Once they are deleted on screen, they eventually turn black, and are printed out on a receipt.

Your personal search history on Google doesn’t necessarily belong to you. Rather, it is part of a larger data profile that is used by advertisers to target you. Deletion process offers a window into that archive of one person’s intimate data – and to see how it feels to erase it.