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‘Do we truly understand what part of our digital footprint is owned by these companies? That’s why the Glass Room, which just opened in central London, is important.’

‘This current political moment of anger against unbridled capitalism changes how every piece is viewed and felt.’
The Verge

‘Most importantly, the exhibition is a means of making something as intangible – and quite often boring – as data much more accessible for people, so that they can learn how to better protect themselves from the potential risks of living out their entire lives online.’
Design Week

‘It’s always nice to take away a little artifact from an exhibition, but in The Glass Room it serves as a reminder, a ticket to freedom and protection.’

‘I consider myself pretty tech savvy and aware of the ways companies like Google and Facebook make their money but plugging into the array of exhibits at The Glass Room showed me just how wrong I was. I came away feeling that we should all make an effort to understand the new digital world we inhabit and take responsibility for our engagement with large digital companies whenever we can, otherwise we risk being seriously exploited in ways we don’t even imagine.’
Tech Trends

‘At first it looks a lot like an Apple Store – white walls, glass frontage, alluring tech displayed on clean pedestals. But look a little closer at this new pop-up, which opens its doors on Wednesday in London’s West End.’
Sydney Morning Herald

‘Instead of selling gadgets, it challenges you to reconsider the technologies you use every day, how much they reveal about you, and what choices you can make online.’
Ctrl Alt Delete

‘When Day 8 arrives I feel somewhat purged of my sins.’
New Scientist on the Data Detox Kit

‘I was dubious at first when I read about the Data Detox. It sounds like a guide to logging off, but as somebody whose job requires me to be online almost all of the time, that could be professional suicide. But that is not the aim of this eight-day programme; it’s more about exploring and tidying up your digital life.’
BBC Future on the Data Detox Kit