Looking into your online life

Thank you to everyone who took part in The Glass Room San Francisco that ran from 16 October to 3 November 2019 with over 20,000 visitors, a daily program of events, and over 50 artworks that playfully and provocatively explore our relationship to technology.

The Glass Room team are excited to start the next phase of the project as we continue to examine how technology and data are shaping our perception, experiences, and understanding of the world. If you have an idea or feedback then get in touch via our About page, we'd love to hear from you.

For more information on The Glass Room San Francisco, including videos from our daily events program, visit the project page here.

"A new art and technology exhibit in downtown San Francisco mimics perfectly the ubiquitous form of so many technology stores — though not their function." - San Francisco Chronicle, The Glass Room San Francisco

"Big Tech shattered in Glass Room art exhibit" - CNET, The Glass Room San Francisco

"There’s something about seeing deleted web searches printed out in receipt form — a physical manifestation of virtual activity — that puts things in perspective." - East Bay Times, The Glass Room San Francisco

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Ashley Madison Angels at Work in San Francisco
If you happened to be looking for romance outside of your marriage pre-2015, the website Ashley Madison offered millions of users the chance to cha...
100+ Protests
As tech companies have grown and expanded their global reach, there has been increasingly visible backlash and resistance against their practices f...

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from large-scale exhibitions in major cities to a portable version that can be set up by anyone, anywhere in the world, in virtually any space.

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