Capsule 2.0

Nothing Personal?

The latest edition of The Glass Room’s digital showcase series

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The Glass Room presents the Capsule, a showcase of digital objects - old and new - from previous Community Edition series, independent investigations and collaborations with artists and researchers. The Capsule is a space to promote resources from The Glass Room as well as work produced by our partners worldwide. In case you missed it, Capsule 1.0: Scattered Data can be also be visited.

In Capsule 2.0: Nothing Personal?, we bring together four objects which explore how technologies are designed, branded and engineered to collect data to influence our real-time behaviours, whether responding to crises or affecting elections. This Capsule focuses on some of the most personal types of data, from intimate reproductive information to our most deeply embedded personality traits.

Technologies of Hope and Fear is a curated collection of 100 data-driven, AI-enabled technologies from around the world which illustrate just how widespread our faith in big data is. We trust technologies to keep our most intimate data safe; in The Many Hands on Your Intimate Data we take a deeper look at the greater privacy implications of reproductive and menstrual apps.

A brand new object, seen here for the first time, is Business of Political Ads, which explores the phenomenon of political ads on the internet. A Drop in the OCEAN examines how your personality profile influences the political ads you are served. Together, these objects explore personalised persuasion, the influence industry and the politics of business.

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