Concept and Curation

Stephanie Hankey, Marek Tuszynski

Funders and artists

Particular thanks go to Tactical Tech’s funders who have supported the Glass Room project past and present, including:

Oak Foundation, Sida, Open Society Foundations, Luminate and Mozilla.

Special thanks go to the artists and initiatives participating in the Glass Room:

Aram Bartholl, Manuel Beltrán, Tega Brain, James Bridle, Paolo Cirio, Brian Clifton, Kate Crawford, Marc DaCosta, Ingo Diekhaus, Klaas Diersmann, Dries Depoorter, DISNOVATION.ORG, Oli Frost, Wesley Goatley, Kyriaki Goni, Adam Harvey, Vladan Joler, La Loma, Sam Lavigne, Noah Levenson, Sylvio Lorusso, Low Jack, Kiki Mager, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Joana Moll, Mimi Onuoha, Nayanatara Ranganathan, Sebastian Schmieg, Share Lab, Tactical Tech, The Critical Engineering Working Group, Francis Tseng, Unknown Fields

Project Lead

Alistair Alexander

The Glass Room San Francisco Development Lead (Tactical Tech)

Christy Lange

The Glass Room San Francisco Development Lead (Mozilla)

Daniel Kessler

The Glass Room San Francisco Production Team

Mary Richerson Producer with Joty Dhaliwal, Maciej Pluta and Tiare Ribeaux

The Glass Room Berlin Production

Sophie Macpherson

The Glass Room Graphic Design

Yiorgos Bagakis, Ingo Diekhaus, Klaas Diersmann and Katja Hommel

'Trust in Us' table co-production

La Loma


Animations by Tactical Tech designed and produced by Klaas Diersmann, based on works by James Bridle, Wolfie Christi, Open Data City, M.C. McGrath, Share Lab and Tactical Tech

Ingenious Co-ordinator

Safa Ghnaim

The Glass Room Ingenius Workshops and Training, San Francisco

Alistair Alexander, Safa Ghnaim, Matt Mitchell and Marek Tuszynski

Project Management and Support

Alistair Alexander, Daniela O'Halloran, Caroline Kent and Maciej Pluta

The Glass Room Program

Janette Ciborowski, Daniel Kessler and Christy Lange

Additional Research and Development

Nicole Ayo von Thun, Varoon Bashyakarla, Cade Diehm, Safa Ghnaim, Patrick Harvey, Olivia Kan-Sperling, Daisy Kidd, Christy Lange, Amber Macintyre and Gary Wright

Technology and Websites

Alistair Alexander, Jacopo Anderlini, Yiorgos Bagakis, Laurent Delleré, Cade Diehm, Georgia Hansford, Mikko Lipiainen, Saqib Sohail and Danja Vasiliev

Communications, Press and Outreach

Nicole Ayo von Thun, Janette Ciborowski, Rainer Cvillink, Liz Dennebaum, Liz Hull, Caroline Kent, Daisy Kidd, Matt Mitchell and Lucas Saugen Photography

Original Glass Room Concept Design

Małgorzata Gurowska

Data Detox Kit

Yiorgos Bagakis, Cade Diehm, Michael Feldman, Safa Ghnaim, Alicia Gray, Stephanie Hankey, Georgia Hansford and Christy Lange

Support from Tactical Tech Team Members past and present

Nicole Ayo von Thun, Varoon Bashyakarla, Emily Deans, Philipp Dollinger, Ida Flik, Jan Griffiths, Sasha Gubskaya, Wael E, Rose Regina Lawrence, Olivia Kan-Sperling, Laura Ranca, Saqib Sohail, Ngan Thi Thu Nguyen, Joanna Tokarz-Haertig, Gary Wright


Internet and Networking

Pedestrian Counting

Hoxton Analytics

Thanks to the entire Tactical Tech, Mozilla and OneHatOneHand teams and all our current and past collaborators, contractors and partners on the Glass Room project. Especially the HKW, Berlin who got this project started.

Credits to The Glass Room London

Credits to The Glass Room New York

Credits to The White Room Berlin