Looking into your online lifeThe Glass Room San Francisco was open for 3 weeks from 10/16 - 11/3 at 838 Market St.

Thank you to everyone who took part in The Glass Room San Francisco that ran from 16 October to 3 November 2019 with over 20,000 visitors, a daily program of events, and over 50 artworks that playfully and provocatively explore our relationship to technology.

"A new art and technology exhibit in downtown San Francisco mimics perfectly the ubiquitous form of so many technology stores — though not their function." - San Francisco Chronicle, The Glass Room San Francisco

"Big Tech shattered in Glass Room art exhibit" - CNET, The Glass Room San Francisco

"There’s something about seeing deleted web searches printed out in receipt form — a physical manifestation of virtual activity — that puts things in perspective." - East Bay Times, The Glass Room San Francisco

To passers-by, The Glass Room looks like another slick, clean-lined store offering the latest shiny consumer products. But inside, nothing was for sale. What goes on behind the screens and inside the black boxes of the devices we interact with everyday? If we knew, would we still sign-in or click ‘I agree’? How much trust do users invest in big tech companies, and what can be done if that trust is broken?

The Glass Room has previously opened in Berlin, New York, and London and has launched over 150 Glass Room community events in 30 countries, attracting more than 155,000 visitors and sparking a global conversation on the technology we use in our everyday lives.

Explore Featured Exhibits in The Glass Room
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The Data Detox Kit

Quotes from the press

“This current political moment of anger against unbridled capitalism changes how every piece is viewed and felt.”
The Verge – Turning the specter of internet surveillance into art

“Do we truly understand what part of our digital footprint is owned by these companies? That’s why the Glass Room, which just opened in central London, is important.”
Mashable – The Store with nothing for sale wants you to take control of your online privacy

“I came away feeling that we should all make an effort to understand the new digital world we inhabit and take responsibility for our engagement with large digital companies whenever we can, otherwise we risk being seriously exploited in ways we don’t even imagine.”
Tech Trends – Big Mother is Watching You