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The Glass Room brings to life the hidden aspects of everyday technologies and provokes reflection on how we relate to the internet, privacy and the inner workings of the tech industry today.

  • Featured in over 50 top tier media outlets including Vice Motherboard, the New York Times, Teen Vogue, CNN and Channel 4 News.
  • Provides the ideal back drop for film and video based media.
  • Spokespeople from Tactical Tech and Firefox are available for interview.

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The Glass Room San Francisco

Quotes from the press

A new art and technology exhibit in downtown San Francisco mimics perfectly the ubiquitous form of so many technology stores — though not their function.
San Francisco Chronicle, Glass Room San Francisco
Big Tech shattered in Glass Room art exhibit.
CNET, Glass Room San Francisco
There’s something about seeing deleted web searches printed out in receipt form — a physical manifestation of virtual activity — that puts things in perspective.
East Bay Times, Glass Room San Francisco
Privacy pop-up exhibit shows people in The Glass Room shouldn't throw phones – though they may well want to.
The Register, Glass Room San Francisco
I came away feeling that we should all make an effort to understand the new digital world we inhabit and take responsibility for our engagement with large digital companies whenever we can, otherwise we risk being seriously exploited in ways we don’t even imagine.
Tech Trends, Glass Room London

Do we truly understand what part of our digital footprint is owned by these companies? That’s why the Glass Room, which just opened in central London, is important.
Mashable, Glass Room London

This current political moment of anger against unbridled capitalism changes how every piece is viewed and felt.
The Verge, Glass Room London
I left the Glass Room invigorated by the ways artists are exploring the dark side of our digital footprint.
New York Times, Glass Room New York
The Glass Room is hands-down the most creative, interesting, and effective exploration of issues around internet health I have ever seen.
Points, Glass Room New York
Almost 200 students visited the exhibition and were introduced to the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data by a data protection expert.
Better Internet for Kids, Glass Room Experience, Luxemburg
The aim is pretty humble — to start a local conversation on data privacy and connect the dots around various activities going on in our increasingly digitally connected city.
Glass Room Host, Birmingham