The Glass Room Plus

Due to popular demand in 2018 we successfully developed and opened a new Glass Room format.

The Glass Room Plus is smaller than the Glass Rooms in London and New York but is also a curated exhibition designed for major cultural events and venues. The first two Glass Room Plus events were hosted at the Lodz Design Festival and the Copernicus Science Centre Warsaw in Poland. Both were highly successful, reaching over 20,000 people.

The Glass Room Plus usually includes a combination of 10-15 commissioned art objects, info graphics and digital works. We continually review and update the content and will be developing new themes and objects in 2019.

How can you get involved?

The Glass Room Plus exhibition in Lodz

We are looking for more partners to host Glass Room Plus events in Europe and further afield. We want to focus on festivals and venues who want to produce and host this intervention with a curated selection of new objects, explorations of new topics and themes and a programme of events.

Every Glass Room begins with a phase of research and development, during which the current objects and themes are reviewed. We are keen to collaborate with partners who can provide insights about their local contexts, as well as artists and figures who can bring depth, clarity and relevance to the Glass Room themes.

Depending on the venue and space, additional production costs should be kept relatively low.

Alongside the objects The Glass Room Plus has its own signage and labels and we can also provide the tablets for the display of digital assets.

The Glass Room Plus exhibition in Lodz

The host is responsible for providing:

• a suitable space at least 60 sqm ideally with a large clear frontage. Tactical Tech will produce a floor plan of the exhibition so visitors are guided through the narratives.

• A/V equipment – 3 large monitors and/or projectors to show our Glass Room welcome video, graphics and quote video and looped animations. The Fake or Real work can be shown on a touchscreen monitor if available.

• white floor units for the object displays and Data Detox Bar (white tables can be used as long as they are in excellent condition). Tactical Tech can provide drawings of the pedestals and Data Detox Bar and assist in making decisions on suitable materials.

Ingenius team and workshops

The Glass Room Plus exhibition in Lodz

We can organise a half-day training for event staff or volunteers, 'Ingeniuses', who can staff the installation. In this training, participants will learn about how to engage visitors in discussion around the objects and point them towards easy, take-home digital privacy tips. This important aspect of the installation activates the space. We like to involve local partners, including universities, activist groups and artists.