We offer a series of media literacy workshops, both in-person and virtually, covering topics such as algorithms, data, and phone addiction. Most recently, we developed two workshops as part of the Glass Room Misinformation Edition, which tackle larger questions around the infodemic, fact checking and design ethics.

Working closely with the Data Detox Kit and Youth Initiative at Tactical Tech the workshops are accessible and meaningful to both adults and younger audiences.

New Misinformation Edition Workshops

Information...It’s Complicated

This workshop will help you figure out why information is complicated. You'll learn some investigation skills, and then put those investigation skills to use. You will also find out what we can do to stop the spread of misleading information.

Keywords: fact checking, misinformation / disinformation, digital investigation tactics

Keep Calm and Spot the Design Tricks

This workshop will explore the world of persuasive design and design tricks, which are design decisions on websites, apps, and in advertisements that provoke us emotionally and persuade us to click, share and buy. By becoming aware of our physical and emotional responses to stressful stimuli and the persuasive designs of tech which are rooted in basic psychology, this workshop helps participants keep calm and spot the design tricks.

Keywords: dark patterns, design ethics, persuasive design


Your Data Detox Starts Here

This workshop will offer an introductory exploration of the debates and perspectives regarding digital privacy and the impact of the influence industry and data brokers. Comparing individualistic and collective impacts of technology on our daily lives, this workshops encourages reflection and dialogue.

Keywords: privacy, data industry, digital well-being

Demystifying Your Data

This workshop will walk you through the definition of data, why it is important to understand and then takes practical steps for you to clean up your data footprint on your devices. It takes us beyond deleting our browser histories to how to consistently use our daily technology in a more secure way.

Keywords: defining data, digital de-clutter, permissions

Smart Phones, Smart Habits

This workshop will help you develop strategies to adopt habits that engage with technology in healthier ways. By identifying how we become hooked to our devices, and discussing their impact, we then address practical steps to detach ourselves from unnecessary screen time.

Keywords: digital hooks, design tricks, digital well-being

Living With Algorithms

This workshop will tackle the complex workings of algorithms, raises awareness about machine learning and how our technology engagement is used, and asks: are algorithms neutral?

Keywords: algorithms, artificial intelligence, bias

App Cleanse

This workshop will take a practical approach to ensuring the use of safe apps, suggesting more secure alternatives to popular services which don't use your data as the product. By detailing the meaning of end-to-end encryption and open source, you have some tools to assess how secure an app is to use.

Keywords: encryption, privacy, open source

Make Passwords Stronger

This workshop will explore digital privacy and security before taking you through clear steps explaining how to generate strong passwords and safely store them.

Keywords: password managers, digital security

To Click Or Not To Click

This workshop will give the knowledge identify fishy links and insecure protocols to help you knwo if you should click... The workshop will also explore how trackers are added to URLs and what information they can gather about you.

Keywords: hyperlinks, trackers

Digital Detox

This workshop will incorporate all the themes that you will have learnt from the workshop series and then help you design your own personalized digital detox action plan. The finale workshop helps you address the problems raised and empower you to make choices and pass on the message to others.

Keywords: action plan, privacy, security, well-being, misinformation, minimalism

To find out more about the workshops, explore the Data Detox Kit.


We train our partners to give their communities workshops that demystify technology and we are always producing new content. To find more resources, check out the Data Detox Kit.

We are currently developing the workshops in English, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Czech, Arabic and more.

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