We offer a variety of workshops, both online and offline, which aim to increase digital and media literacy. Workshops are linked to particular themes in the Glass Room, and are suitable for both adults and younger audiences. We work closely with the Data Detox Kit and Youth Initiative at Tactical Tech to design meaningful workshops. Most recently, we developed two workshops as part of the Glass Room Misinformation Edition, which tackle larger questions around the infodemic, fact checking and design ethics.

Keep Calm and Spot the Design Tricks

This workshop explores the world of persuasive design and design tricks, which are design decisions on websites, apps, and in advertisements that provoke us emotionally and persuade us to click, share and buy. By becoming aware of our physical and emotional responses to stressful stimuli and the persuasive designs of tech which are rooted in basic psychology, this workshop helps participants keep calm and spot the design tricks.

Keywords: dark patterns, design ethics, persuasive design

Information...It’s Complicated

This workshop will help you figure out why information is complicated. You'll learn some investigation skills, and then put those investigation skills to use. You will also find out what we can do to stop the spread of misleading information.

Keywords: fact checking, misinformation / disinformation, digital investigation tactics


We are always developing new workshops at Tactical Tech. We also train our partners to give their communities workshops that demystify technology.

At present, we can provide workshops in the following languages: English, Arabic, Portuguese and Czech.

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