Everywhere, All the Time: a playful exhibition for teens about AI

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How can young people make sense of technology and its impacts when it's 'Everywhere, All the Time'?

With a growing generation of teens relying on the internet for learning, entertainment and socialising, it's crucial to cultivate their capacity to ask critical questions about how technology impacts their lives, their communities and the planet. But how can educators guide teens to understand and navigate the digital world confidently? “Everywhere, All the Time” is a creative and playful digital literacy intervention, aiming to do just that.

Educators working with young people will find “Everywhere, All the Time” helpful in fostering critical conversations about technology, AI and their impacts. Developed by Tactical Tech's youth initiative What the Future Wants, this learning experience equips educators, librarians and anyone working with youth aged 13-19 with a set of engaging and innovative digital literacy resources and methods that can be used in both formal and informal learning environments. 

What's inside "Everywhere, All the Time"

Co-developed with 300 young people and 100 educators worldwide, “Everywhere, All the Time” includes an easy-to-print and install exhibition, activity cards and an extensive educators' guidebook.

These resources assist facilitators in guiding teens to explore crucial topics, including understanding how AI chatbots work and the hidden labour behind technology, recognising the attention-grabbing designs behind popular games, and learning about the physical infrastructures that power the internet, among many other topics.

Host your own "Everywhere, All the Time"

If you are interested in hosting "Everywhere, All the Time", please get in touch with us at youth@tacticaltech.org, and we'll share the resources free of charge.

“Everywhere, All the Time” is available in English and Italian. It will soon be available in Czech, Cypriot Greek, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Ukrainian and more languages.

Why to host your own "Everywhere, All the Time"

  • “Everywhere, All the Time”

    • features creative, playful, and visually engaging posters, interactive activities, and games that encourage intergenerational dialogue.
    • challenges conventional narratives about technology and the relationship young people build with it.
    • uses practical examples, simple and familiar language, and engaging visuals, making it an accessible interactive experience that resonates with youth.
    • serves as a learning platform for meaningful exploration and discussion and a place for inspiration that encourages teens to take action and shape the digital world they want to live in
  • By utilising these resources, educators can create a unique space where teens can reflect on their relationship to technology while examining how tech and invisible systems like algorithms shape their lives and relationships.

  • Teens can also increase their confidence by actively adopting better digital privacy and well-being habits.