Data Detox with the Arlington Public Library’s Glass Room Experience

What is personal data in an age when websites, social media, apps and smart devices all collect information on their users? The Glass Room Experience at the Arlington Public Library offers a way for patrons to take control of their online life, data, and smart devices. If you’ve ever been creeped out by an online ad that followed you from site to site, wanted to delete your tagged pictures from a decade ago, or wondered what type of information is recorded about you, The Glass Room Experience is a free, eye-opening way to explore answers. Play Fake or Real to see how smart you are in the world of smart devices, learn about what happens behind the screen in The Internet You Don’t See, and pick up a free Data Detox Kit for tools to address your data buildup. The Experience explores the companies and mechanisms that make our everyday technologies as well as connect devices, such as smart toothbrushes or smart microwaves. The interactive exhibit features tablets apps, large-scale visualizations, and suggested next-steps to perform at home.

12 November 2018 – 30 November 2018
George W. Hawkes Downtown Library
100 S Center Street, Arlington, TX 76010, US
Arlington, US