The Glass Room Bogotá

Colombia is a country that appears recurrently in the top of users in social networks. In 2030 there will be an estimated 125 billions of connected devices in the world - 14 per person. Will all these new technologies make our lives more efficient, healthy and safe? How does our online life influence the way we perceive our environment? What opportunities does emerge and - above all - what does it mean to coexist with smart devices?

The Glass Room is a project about Data and Privacy initiated by Tactical Tech, a Berlin-based organization that studies critical approaches to new technologies. It has been presented in multiple cities around the world and this is the first time it performs outside the Global North. In The Glass Room artists, researchers, designers, hackers and national and international enthusiasts meet to exploring our digital life and the effects of hyperconnectivity.

15 February 2019 – 22 March 2019
Estación Terrena
Estación Terrena, Calle 22 #9-31, Bogotá, Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia
Bogotá, Colombia