Do you feel like your digital self is slipping out of control? Have you let yourself install too many apps, clicked “I agree” a few too many times, lost track of how many accounts you’ve created? Perhaps you feel you’re not as in control of your digital life as you’d like to be.

Don’t despair! The new Data Detox Kit and The Glass Room Experience will launch in October, to tackle your data bloat.

Data Detox Kit

The Data Detox Kit is an 8-day programme for a healthier and more in-control digital self. This is available to pick-up from The Glass Room exhibition.

The Glass Room Experience

The Glass Room Experience goes beyond London. We’ve re-created some of the key elements in more portable form to be easily mounted almost anywhere.

The Experience, which will be sent to you, includes 11 sqm of exhibition posters (in 1 or 2 m sq formats) that can be arranged on the walls or on tables to suit your space. Alongside the posters you can create your own Data Detox Bar from our downloadable digital assets and print your own Data Detox Kits.

The Experience also replicates some of the key Glass Room exhibits including the Gates Foundation’s Fertility Chip, Mark Zuckerberg’s house in a privacy bubble, and a new version of the Apple Tower showing Apple’s huge cash reserves.

We are looking for organisations, events and community groups who can host a Glass Room Experience in their space or an event that can reach people who wouldn’t otherwise visit the full Glass Room exhibitions.

For more information, and the assets for your own Glass Room Experience, see the Tactical Tech Glass Room Experience page, or email

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