Data Detox bar og utstillingsåpning / Data Detox bar and Exhibition Opening

Privacy and digital awareness are something that concerns us all, but most of us ignore it in everyday life. Does it matter that Facebook shows an ad for the shoes you just googled? Or that you get to see news based on what you've seen before? Or that someone stores your most personal searches online?

What did you actually say yes to after clicking "I agree" without reading the Terms of Use?

This evening, we open an exhibition that deals with just this. Do you really know how much information there is about you out there? Visit our Data Detox Bar to learn more.

Data Detox is a simple exercise you can do at home that lasts over eight days. The goal is not to scare anyone back to the landline, but to make people aware of their use of their own data on the internet. The course is perfect for those who feel you have downloaded just too many apps and need a better overview of your digital life.

Exhibition opening: Glass room experience

The Glass Room Experience is an exhibition that focuses on the critical aspects of our digital lives. With plans and simple tasks, the audience can reflect on their own experience of privacy, digital integrity and online security.

23 September 2019 – 23 September 2019
Skien Bibliotek
Skistredet 12, 3724
Skien, Norway