About The Glass Room

The Glass Room is a pop-up tech store with a twist. At first glance, it offers the latest in shiny digital consumer products, such as the newest tablet, fitness tracker or facial recognition software. But as you go inside, you’ll find there is nothing for sale.

Instead, as you look closer at the ‘products’ on display, you’ll see that they are playfully and provocatively selected to turn the technologies we all use on their head. The artworks, design pieces, and ‘Ingenius’ staff welcome you to take a look behind the screens into the hidden world of what happens to your data. Dig deeper into how much we reveal about ourselves by trying out free, alternative apps, taking away the 8-day Data Detox Kit, or interacting with our thematic programme of workshops and events.

The Glass Room is an intervention that prompts reflection, experimentation and play. A place that invites you to discuss how data and technology are changing the personal, professional and social fabric of all our lives and a way of making informed choices in the future.

The Glass Room is produced by Mozilla and curated by Tactical Tech.


Executive Director Stephanie Hankey and Creative Director Marek Tuszynski co-founded Tactical Tech in 2003. They work on technology, politics, information, design and activism and the consequences of living in a quantified society. They are also co-founders of the creative agency Tactical Studios and co-curators of the exhibition Nervous Systems: Quantified Life and the Social Question.

Stephanie Hankey is a designer and technologist; she was awarded an Ashoka Fellowship for her work as a social entrepreneur and is currently a visiting industry associate with the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University.

Marek Tuszynski is an activist and filmmaker; his most recent documentary series for Tactical Tech, Exposing the Invisible, explores the digital tools and tactics that now enable evidence-based activism to thrive on an unprecedented scale.




Mozilla is the non-profit behind the Firefox web browser, and uses technology, products and advocacy to make the internet healthier so it’s easy to access, safe to use, and empowers everyone, everywhere.


Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based organisation working at the intersection of technology, human rights and civil liberties. They provide trainings, conduct research, and create cultural interventions that contribute to the wider socio-political debate around digital security, privacy and the ethics of data.

With support from Tactical Tech Funders

Goethe Institut
Omidyar Network
Open Society Foundations
Sigrid Rausing Trust