Vilsquare Digital Security Awareness Campaign: Glass Room Community Edition #2

Vilsquare Makers’ Hub will be engaging Nigerians in public conversations on digital security and privacy, through a series of events that will hold in Q1 2020. The campaign seeks to explore and respond to the following critical questions:

• How does technology impact on our society? • How much information about ourselves do we give out through our devices and online posts? • Who has access to this information and for what purpose is it being used?

As part of each event, Vilsquare will host The Glass Room - a pop-up exhibition that explores data, privacy and our relationship with the technologies and platforms we use in our everyday lives and a Data Detox Bar to share simple but effective steps to help you control your digital privacy and security.

02 February 2020 – 02 February 2020
Kano, Nigeria