The Glass Room London

Coming to Central Cross in London, The Glass Room is a disruptive tech store with nothing for sale. Instead, it challenges you to reconsider the technologies you use every day, how much they reveal about you, and what choices you can make in our quantified societe. Visit the Glass Room in London, or view it right now in virtual reality.

Visit the Glass Room in London

25th October — 12th November
69 – 71 Charing Cross Road, London

How To Enjoy WebVR With Firefox

  • Download the latest version of Firefox
  • Make sure Oculus or SteamVR are running and unknown sources are enabled
  • Open this page using Firefox
  • Click on the VR Icon
  • Put on your Headset and explore the Glass Room

For Mobile:

  • Click on the VR Icon
  • Follow the directions to download the Matterport App