Content from the Glass Room Community Edition series can be found in many different languages. Posters, apps, toolkits, animations and workshops are translated and sometimes localised by our partners worldwide. Below you can find out what Community Edition content we have translated, as well as the languages available for Tactical Tech's youth exhibition What the Future Wants.

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition

Photo by Ahmad Al Nemr

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition has been translated to 26 different languages and in select languages as been made into a publicly available online exhibition(follow links). Contact us at to inquire about the prints available in the languages below:

հայերեն (Armenian) / ապատեղեկատվության հրատարակություն

Bosanski (Bosnian) / Dezinformacija

Český (Czech) / Misinformace

Dansk (Danish) / Misinformation Edition

Deutsch (German) / Edition Desinformation

Español (Spanish) / Edición Información Falsa

Français (French) / Édition Désinformation

Ελληνικά (Greek) / Έκδοση παραπληροφόρησης

Italiano (Italian) / Edizione Disinformazione

ქართული (Georgian) / დეზინფორმაციის გამოცემა

हिन्दी (Hindi) / गलत सूचना संस्करण

Lietuvis (Lithuanian) / Leidimas apie klaidinančią informaciją

македонски (Macedonian) / Издание за дезинформации

Malayalam / Misinformation Edition

Nederlands (Dutch) / Desinformatie Editie

नेपाली (Nepali) / गलत जानकारी संस्करण

Português (BR) (Brazilian Portuguese) / Ediçāo Desinformaçāo

русский (Russian) / Misinformation Edition

Română / Ediția de dezinformare

shqiptare (Albanian) / Dezinformimin

Slovenščina (Slovenian) / Izdaja o Napačnih Informacijah

Svenska (Swedish) / Misinformation Edition

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) / Misinformation Edition

Український (Ukranian) / СКЛЯНА КІМНАТА Дезінформація

普通话 (Chinese) / 误传版

The Internet of Things (IoT) Edition

Photo by Nikoline Nik, 2018

The Glass Room Internet of Things Edition, released in 2018, has also been translated to a number of different languages, which includes English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (PT and BR), Spanish and Ukrainian. With selected pieces also in Russian and Armenian. If you're interested in learning more about these, please write us at

What the Future Wants

Photo by La Loma

What the Future Wants is an interactive youth focused exhibition that presents different perspectives on technology from the personal, to the political, to the planetary. Co-developed alongside 200 young people between the ages of 13 and 18, What the Future Wants explores key questions at the core of young people’s digital experience.

Český / Kam směřuje budoucnost

Deutsch / What the Future Wants

English / What the Future Wants

Ελληνικά / coming soon

Español / What the Future Wants

ქართული / რა სურს მომავალ თაობას

Français / What the Future Wants

हिन्दी / What the Future Wants (व्हाट ध फ्यूचर वांट्स)

Italiano / Cosa Vuole il Futuro

македонски / What the Future Wants

Nederlands / What the Future Wants

Português (BR) / What the Future Wants

Română / Ce vrea viitorul

Slovenščina / What the Future Wants

Svenska / Vad framtiden vill ha

Türk / coming soon


We have various animations produced by Tactical Tech available for partners to use in their exhibitions, events, and spaces. Below you can find our more recent animations. These can be downloaded from Vimeo.









Português (BR)


More animations in various other languages can be found here.