Content from the Glass Room Community Edition series is often translated. Posters, apps, toolkits and animations are translated and sometime localised by our partners worldwide.

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition

The Glass Room Misinformation Edition has been translated to a number of different languages, including a publicly available online exhibition. Find out more about the Misinformation Edition, and virtually visit our exhibition in your preferred language through the links below.

հայերեն / ապատեղեկատվության հրատարակություն

Český / Misinformace

Dansk / Misinformation Edition

Deutsch / Edition Desinformation

Español / Edición Información Falsa

Français / Édition Désinformation

Italiano / Edizione Disinformazione

Lietuvis / Leidimas apie klaidinančią informaciją

Malayalam / Misinformation Edition

Nederlands / Desinformatie Editie

Português (BR) / Ediçāo Desinformaçāo

русский / Misinformation Edition

Slovenščina / Izdaja o Napačnih Informacijah

Svenska / Misinformation Edition

Tiếng Việt / Misinformation Edition

Український / СКЛЯНА КІМНАТА Дезінформація

普通话 (Chinese) also available for print

The Internet of Things (IoT) Edition

The Glass Room Internet of Things Edition, released in 2018, has also been translated to a number of different languages, which includes English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (EU and BR), Spanish and Ukrainian. With selected pieces also in Russian and Armenian. If you're interested in learning more about these, please write us at